All Purpose FlourFrankie's Gluten-Free All-Purpose and Bread Flour continues to be the backbone of gluten-free baking for many people.  GMO free,  corn flour free, soy free, nut free and of course, wheat free, (and no added sugar) this flour really is a "cup for cup" gluten-free flour whether you use it in traditional recipes or one of your grandmother's handed down favorites. 
Chef Joel and Lead baker Donna show off their LEAF certification received in 2012 - making them the first level 3 certified facility in Ontario to be LEAF level 3 certified.Donna, our lead baker who has been baking gluten-free since 1971, has consistently favorable and delicious results, every time. There is no aftertaste often found in some gluten-free baking and the texture is true to a wheat product.

Use the All-Purpose flour for baking chewy or crisp cookies, moist muffins, fudge-like brownies, date squares, butter tarts, pie crusts, Profiteroles, - the results are consistently the same, delicious and easy to bake.
And Frankie's own Bread Flour which is also GMO free and soy, corn flour, nut and wheat free has been used in our bakery for bread loaves, buns bagels, baguettes, pretzels, English muffins, (outstanding) pizza shells and waffles. 
At Frankie's, we have been using our blend of gluten-free flours for nine years for our bakery and restaurant.  And now we are sharing it with you.  
Make scrumptious foods with Frankie's all purpose flours and enjoy those recipes that grandma gave you.