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Don't You Wish You Were Celiac?

Now, that might seem like an odd question to find on a Gluten Free Blog, but I must have uttered those words at least once a week running our 100% gluten free restaurant and bakery.

Hi. I'm Donna and I have been cooking/baking for my two Celiac sons since 1971. A lot has changed from the days of potato bread and starchy cookies. Now a Gluten Free can eat as well or better, yes, better than ever. And I am here to help you do just that! With the help of Frankie's All Purpose Flour (which many of you already know) and Frankie's Bread Mix.  So look forward to cookies and brownies that taste just like Grandma made them, butter tarts and apple pie like you remember pastries tasted, and new found desserts like Sticky Toffee Pudding and Churros. All here. And all for you. Stay tuned.
I became Celiac at the age of 64 but that is not correct. According to the Canadian Celiac Association (please Google them if you haven't already) a person is born with Celiac disease. It manifests itself at various times in a person's life and in many different manifestations. Anything from stomach and bowel irritations to migraine headaches and arthritis can be an effect of gluten intolerance. We will talk more on this later.

So, back to the title of this blog: Don't you wish you were Celiac? I had this bakery in a small town in Southern Ontario. Everything we sold was Gluten Free. Everything! People would come from all over the world to try our baking and sometimes their partners would accompany them. While the Celiac was at the front of the store sampling Gluten Free samples like muffins, cookies, Belgian Chocolate bites and Sticky Toffee bites, their partners were standing at the door making ready for a speedy getaway. Through all the Mmmmms and yums and licking of fingers of our Gluten Free clients, I looked at the assembled mass at the door and said “Don't you wish you were Celiac?"

For tempting your taste buds further, give our muffin recipe a try...

Thanks for tuning in. We are going for a delicious wheat free and gluten free experience and recipes that will prove a Celiac CAN eat as well or better than ever.

Cheers! Donna.



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